100 years celebrated

Hilda Payne, members of Evensong Choir and members of congregation

A special Choral Evensong on Sunday, 22 September 1913, marked 100 years since St Matthew’s moved from the corner of Queen Street and Church Street, to its present site.  The second St Matthew’s church, dedicated on St Matthew’s Day, 1913, was damaged and subsequently demolished following the 1942 Wairarapa earthquake. The present church was dedicated in April 1958. Continue reading

Evensong marks 100 years on present site

Chancel, organ and sanctuary of second St Matthew's Church

Chancel and Sanctuary, second St Matthew’s Church, showing the 1899 Hobday pipe organ, the carved pulpit, choir stalls, altar rails, altar, reredos and Meredith windows – 09-156/32.R12B4S1

I was glad when they said unto me:
We will go into the House of the Lord

St Matthew’s Day, 21 September 2013, marked 100 years since St Matthew’s moved into its second church on a new site in Church Street, where it is today. Continue reading

Dreadlocks and sausage rolls

Sausage rolls on plate
Sausage rolls

Greetings Family

As we approach the shortest day and the heart of winter, I pray that we each may experience afresh God’s love, grace and compassion in the darkness of our own lives.

Often, as a Bishop, I get asked three questions: the first normally revolves around my appearance – having dreadlocks and bare feet or jandals; the second is my view on the same sex issues facing the Church; and the distant third is around my seeming addiction to sausage rolls … Continue reading

Bishop Justin leading the charge

Bishop Justin Duckworth
Bishop Justin Duckworth

The media fascination with Bishop Justin Duckworth continues, with a recent article in Wellington’s Dompost.

By the glow of a candle stub cradled inside a coconut shell, Justin Duckworth says sorry for letting anxiety and stress get in the way. And at morning prayers the next day, in the tiny chapel he helped build in the foothills of the Tararua Range, the Bishop of Wellington asks God for insight into a difficult problem. Continue reading

Season of change

Children climbing a tree

Hi Family

As I spend time around the Diocese it becomes apparent that people are embracing the reality that we are in a season of change.  We are all experiencing the normal sense of anxiety as we venture into the unknown.

For me personally, this has taken the form of working hard to form a Diocesan leadership team to help us navigate in this new environment. Continue reading

On giving up coffee

CupofcoffeeKia ora te whanau

I have been reflecting on giving up coffee around two years ago.  I gave up when I started consuming five or more cups a day, and noticed that I was feeling ‘wired’ most of the day and also had a low level of anxiety through the day.  So I was surprised last week to again feel ‘coffee wired’ and initially thought that Alayne may have been spiking my herbal tea with caffeine!  She assured me that she certainly had not, and the disappointing thing was that I had had no coffee! Continue reading