Time of Increase – Part 3

Log splitting

Volunteers splitting logs as part of the parish firewood programme


Let’s keep the responses coming!

As I figure it, with increase comes accountability, responsibility and respect.

Growth involves movement and change into new environments.

A few years back  we have had a Parish Survey (yes!), Prayer weeks seeking out what God was doing in our community, conducted a Stewardship programme, gave vestry members portfolio ministries and developed various programmes both within the Parish life – such as the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Kidz Klub – and community-facing (Community Garden, TC) to name a few.
Recently we have invested in setting up the Wairarapa Community Initiative (WCI) for seeking outside funding to further the work of God’s Kingdom.

Has the Parish grown numerically and financially?  On the face of it, no.

Do you believe there is a greater potential to increase today as there was before? I believe Yes! because God reminded me that He is the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills and promises to bless those who love and obey Him.  We are arriving at that place.  We are becoming more authentic and transparent,  We plant, we water and God does the rest.

What must we do next?

Your thoughts, please.