Seeing an Outrageous Act of Love

three strand rope

Three-strand rope

Looking at a standard three strand rope, it is easy to think there are only two strands. A bit like how we see God’s Character. Love and Forgivness, but often forgetting His Grace.

When a women anointed Jesus’ feet with a whole bottle of expensive oil, even the disciples were unable to recognise an Outrageous act of love that best describes Grace.

Because Grace doesn’t come naturally. It doesn’t come from just speaking words of faith.

In human terms Grace seems unfair. We only have to read about the Old Testament characters Job, or the Prodigal Son’s father.

Because the recipients of grace never encounter shame, guilt or feel judged.

That’s how God operates with you and me. His Outrageous Love for us showers us with unearned gifts and promises. Someone who has unspeakable plans for us, who understands us before we speak, who watches over us while we sleep. Someone who sees only our future potential.

That’s Grace in action…that’s Outrageous love, the third Character of God we often don’t comprehend.