Dreams and the Christmas story

AngelGabrielHow often in scripture does the quiet prompting of the Spirit come from within, in the form of a dream? How sensitive must the dreamers have been, to recognise the Spirit in their hearts.

In the Christmas story we see Joseph, (Mary’s intended husband) has a dream. Joseph is faced with a heart-breaking dilemma. His life is in turmoil because he loves Mary so much. Let us imagine for a few moments how welcome the angel’s message must have been to him!

How quickly he acts, allowing himself to follow his heart and not allowing his sense of legal obligation to rule.

Do I invite the Spirit to prompt me?

This Sunday completes the season of Advent where we await with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, the second Coming of Jesus.

How ready am I to hear what the Spirit might suggest with any of these expectations in a busy world of conflicts?