Time of Increase: Part 4

I am the last person who wants to do programmes that somehow promise to quick-fix a situation, yet seldom do.  And nothing changes.

To do list

I am a male (yes!) and men generally like tasks and projects because we like seeing results.




But we all know what every woman knows; that developing relationships is the DNA of life.

After all, that’s what God is about.

I believe the Parish has been prepared for

focusing on the quality of “church” rather than on numerical growth goals.

Any increase needs to be about church health, with growth or multiplication simply a by-product.

Meeting and working together – with creativity, authenticity and diversity – is happening.  But it is tough and time-consuming in busy lives.

It stretches, sometimes hurts. It exposes the real condition of our hearts as we, individually and corporately, are called to love others we would prefer to avoid.  Or sometimes not have around at all.

But the grace given us, compels us to love them as Christ does!

That’s Real Church; very  different from the world we live in, and why God instituted it for His purposes.

This brings me to the primary question of this series.

What must we do as individuals and as a Parish to be a Healthy Church?

Give us your take on this vital question as I wrap up this series of Vicar’s Corners with your responses from the last six weeks.

Steve.  J.