The Proud Frog

This proud frog wanted to visit his cousins in a pond several miles away, and that’s a long journey for a slow moving frog. But in the pond where he lived, there were some Canadian geese.

The observant frog noted how much they liked corn. So proud frog found a strong stick about four feet
long and approached the geese with a proposition:

“If two of you will take the two ends of this stick in your mouths, I will clamp my strong jaws onto the middle of the stick. Then you can deliver me by air to a pond two miles to the east to see my cousins before returning me the next day. For this, I will reward you with a sack of corn.”

The geese agreed.

So the goose taxi began operation. But about half way to the destination, an inquisitive horse looked up and saw this airborne taxi. The horse said, “That is an amazing contraption. Who invited that thing?”
Unable to resist, the frog said, “I did.” And that was the end of the frog.

That frog discovered a biblical truth: when pride causes us to advertise our own virtues, tragedy replaces goodness. On the other hand, when our hearts yearn for God to be glorified rather than us, the Kingdom of God is promoted and increase will follow.


Time of Increase – Part 5

What turns charcoal or carbon into diamonds?    Pressure and Heat!

Something worthless becomes valuable. That’s our story when we discover a Spirit led life with God’s Son, Jesus. No more and no less.

In the Body of Christ, the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart.

In Christ, our hearts are being renewed so we begin to see and understand God has always had a plan for our life.

Our hearts become a “Spirit filled” controlled environment that determines how we now respond to a Godly life and see God’s “Increase” or blessings.

When our hearts are right, we begin to see God in people, places and situations never noticed before. We find peace despite our circumstances – and a hope and strength that is not our own –  as we discover the joy of lovingly obeying our new-found master. Gladly our life is no longer our own!

I am talking about the Increase in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit as we die to our old ways.  Are you at that place yet/still?

It means responsibility and accountability, not just to our inner thoughts and words , but everything outwardly expressed to one another.

We now live by God’s standards, becoming accountable to one another.
That’s real Church and one that is about Increase.                Steve.  J