Vestry News

News from the Vestry meeting on 11 May 2011


Youth ministry

Quentin Parr our youth worker has resigned due personal changes and now full-time work commitments. Some of his funding will be used to help Brad (Children’s Ministry) while we advertise and pray for a replacement. This will allow a rethink on how we utilise the Side Door CaF for both ministries.

Community kitchen

The second stage St Matthews Community kitchen refurbishment is now just about complete and it is now hoped to look at a Common Room “makeover.” In recent months this room has being let to a Seasons for Grief and Loss programme under Anglican Care and a Restorative Justice programme by Family Works.

Earthquake Assessment

Building Inspections required by law have begun (approx. $6000). Along with general maintenance, there is a lot of responsibility to provide good and safe property for the future generations.

Target Community Scheme

A team of people are being prepared for a support group for our first released prisoner client under the Target Community scheme. (Currently the Corrections Dept. is trying to close this down, as well as the Faith Unit at Rimutaka).


We can be very grateful and give thanks for the various developing ministries in the Parish not least Liz’s work with St Andrews congregation and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd acknowledged personally by Bishop Tom after his recent visit. Unless we try we will never know our potential to achieve great things. Join the Vestry and the various prayer groups in the parish as we seek for God’s Kingdom to come.

Pew Bibles for St Matthews

The Vestry has purchased new bibles for the Children’s Ministry Ross has secured a good deal for indexed hard copies costing $40 each. Let’s have a people’s donation challenge over the next month and see if we can’t purchase thirty pew bibles by Pentecost.