Vestry News

Highlights from the September Vestry Meeting:

  • St Andrew’s Building Committee has been given the green light to put the Catechesis Classroom plans to tender and to connect the St Andrew’s Church and proposed new building to the town water supply.
  • The Memorial Book located in St Matthew’s Church Chapel is to be updated in due course.
  • We still don’t have a Classical Concert Music Coordinator – any volunteer(s)?
  • Vestry will use a planning day to discuss responses to a questionnaire/survey of their management and visioning of the Parish.
  • Vestry is setting up a Charitable Incorporated Society for future funding of Community Pastoral Developments and will employ part-time up to six months, a professional person to set this up and begin raising funds to support the position.
  • All Parish buildings (excluding Vicarage) have been inspected for earthquake risk and a report is being compiled.
  • A grant has been received from the Venimore Trust for Children’s Ministry within the Parish; this has been shared out between the Catechesis (St Andrew’s) and Kidz Works (St Matthew’s) programme.

Minutes of any meeting of the Parish Vestry are available for viewing in the Parish Office.

Vestry portfolios allocated


  • Education/training
  • Prayer Line
  • Cover for ministries
  • Intercessions
  • Vestry
Anne Cole

  • Finance
  • Website
  • Media liaison
  • Library
  • Liturgical books
  • Parish roll
  • Office
Edwin O’Hara
Young people

  • Children
  • Outreach
  • Families

Pastoral Care

  • Hospital/home visits
  • Meeting needs
  • Baptism
  • Marriage
  • Funerals
Susan Jackson

  • Grounds
  • Buildings
  • Maintenance
  • Assets
John Whitehead

  • Services
  • Praise
  • NCD
  • Music
Doug Whitcombe
Mission Outreach

  • Gardens
  • Prison ministry
  • Alpha
  • Wesite
  • Concerts
  • Events
Rev’d Stephen Kimberley

Vestry News

News from the Vestry meeting on 11 May 2011


Youth ministry

Quentin Parr our youth worker has resigned due personal changes and now full-time work commitments. Some of his funding will be used to help Brad (Children’s Ministry) while we advertise and pray for a replacement. This will allow a rethink on how we utilise the Side Door CaF for both ministries.

Community kitchen

The second stage St Matthews Community kitchen refurbishment is now just about complete and it is now hoped to look at a Common Room “makeover.” In recent months this room has being let to a Seasons for Grief and Loss programme under Anglican Care and a Restorative Justice programme by Family Works.

Earthquake Assessment

Building Inspections required by law have begun (approx. $6000). Along with general maintenance, there is a lot of responsibility to provide good and safe property for the future generations.

Target Community Scheme

A team of people are being prepared for a support group for our first released prisoner client under the Target Community scheme. (Currently the Corrections Dept. is trying to close this down, as well as the Faith Unit at Rimutaka).


We can be very grateful and give thanks for the various developing ministries in the Parish not least Liz’s work with St Andrews congregation and the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd acknowledged personally by Bishop Tom after his recent visit. Unless we try we will never know our potential to achieve great things. Join the Vestry and the various prayer groups in the parish as we seek for God’s Kingdom to come.

Pew Bibles for St Matthews

The Vestry has purchased new bibles for the Children’s Ministry Ross has secured a good deal for indexed hard copies costing $40 each. Let’s have a people’s donation challenge over the next month and see if we can’t purchase thirty pew bibles by Pentecost.

Vestry News

Target Community Programme

The Vestry has endorsed and recommends parish involvement in the Target Community Programme, an initiative of the Prison Fellowship.

“A Target Community is one that is a prepared community with the heart to minister to both those in prison and those being released from prison. This involves incorporating their families into the community with a view to both providing support and protection during their growth and with the goal of restoring them into full wider community participation.”

The Target Communities Project enables church and wider communities to be trained to accept, coach, encourage and hold accountable released prisoners. This includes supporting their families in a safe and sustainable way and bringing them all into fruitful community interaction.

Each released man or woman will gain a “circle of support” from within a trained community who will work with them to make the adjustments necessary to gain a meaningful life.

Read more about the Target Community Programme here.

The final decision to proceed with the Target Community Programme will be made by parishioners at the next AGM.

Te Ara Pono

Te Ara Pono is the prison version of Cursillo. It is holding a four-day programme next weekend at Rimutaka Prison, 25-28 November 2010.

Because of the nightly lockup of inmates at 4 pm, the Cursillo three-day programme has been modified to be held over four days.

Steve Kimberley is the Spiritual Director for this programme.  Please uphold everyone involved in this important event in your prayers.

Read more about Te Ara Pono here.

Back to church programme 2011

We need to improve the way we welcome outsiders. This was one of the “needs work” areas identified in the NCD Survey undertaken in the parish.

Archdeacon Danny Te Hikoi is hosting a Wairarapa-wide seminar for everyone at St Matthew’s on Wednesday, 8 December, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Topics include:

  • Reasons why people don’t return a second time (typically, about 85% of those invited to church don’t return!)
  • Seven Phrases that turn people off church
  • Turning Failure into a Friend
  • 10 Keys to encouraging and incorporating new people
  • Back to What? From Simon to Simon Peter
  • A 12 Step approach to capture the hearts and imaginations of new people for God

Come along and find out how to make us more welcoming. Everyone welcome !

E100 Bible Reading Challenge

One of the key reasons why Christians don’t read the Bible is that they find it difficult to understand.

The E100 Bible Reading Challenge features 100 carefully selected readings (50 Old Testament, 50 New Testament) designed to give people a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. The E stands for essential and each of the essential 100 readings ranges from a few verses to a few chapters.

There are all sorts of aids to get you started, including a quick start planner and progress tracker, a companion book which provides thoughtful commentary, and lots of other material for both churches and individuals.

Check E100 out on their website and on Facebook.

The parish will be starting on E100 in the new year.


Vestry Planning Morning (16 October)

Please pray for vestry as we review and discuss ministry for 2011

The three topics for discussion are:

  1. Target Community Programme run by Prison Fellowship (for parishes to help them support released prisoners, and their families, to re-integrate into the community.). Vestry will review the programme and see if it is in agreement to present it to the the whole Parish for consideration.
  2. E100 Bible reading challenge: a read through of The Bible with 100 scriptures to discuss, which could be used for Lenten study groups.
  3. Back to Church Sunday, a year-long programme looking at growth principles for building up congregations and equipping parishioners to openly invite friends.