Prayer and fast outcomes: the God Box


There was no one theme but the following is an edited summary:

  • Bathe everything in Prayer first – teach on corporate prayer
  • Continue to be “Real.”
  • Put past negative comments of previous parishioners behind us.
  • Seek Holiness, for those who are not Holy will not see the new things God is doing.
  • Encourage forward with the passion we once had.
  • Discover the joy of evangelism.

Vicar’s comments

These are all encouraging and positive discernments for us all.

I personally sense these words confirm a general call for individually developing deeper personal relationships with Jesus.  God blesses our efforts only when they’re done “For His name’s sake.”

Also, I was encouraged by a number who are finding the discipline of praying and fasting are not only helpful but personally exciting and desire to do it more regularly.      God is good all the time…