Marriage and love

St Francis Bideford

A congregation of friends and family gathered at St Francis, Bideford to witness and affirm the marriage between parishioners Bob and Leigh.

The weather was kind – not too hot, not too cold!

Ethan and Hannah – two of Leigh’s grandchildren handed out the service sheets – a quite fabulous blue flower on the front. Who, I wonder, is the graphic designer? After the service Georgia helped by ringing the bell to celebrate.

John, Bob’s son, read two prayers from  A Common Prayer by Leunig. Here they are, timeless, sensitive, deep and gentle.

Dear God,
We pray for balance and exchange.
Balance us like trees.
As the roots of a tree shall equal its branches
so must the inner life be equal to the outer life.
And as the leaves shall nourish the roots
so shall the roots give nourishment to the leaves.
Without equality and exchange of nourishment
there can be no growth and no love.

“Love one another and you will be happy.”
It’s so simple and difficult as that.
There is no other way.