Is this a record?

Yellow chrysanthemums
Yellow chrysanthemums

How long do flowers usually last in a vase? A week? Two weeks? Perhaps three if the weather is cool?

Brenda Oldfield is one of the St Matthew’s flower ladies. On Saturday, July 10, she started her winter rostered duty by providing two colourful arrangements, situated each side of the central Cross.

Yellow chrysanthemums were the focal point among the background greenery and brightened the winter Sundays for the next two weeks.

The yellow colour was just right for a wedding on July 17 and only some titivating was needed for the big day.

Yet, as other flower ladies worked through their rostered fortnights, July became August and still the chrysanthemums remained bright and fresh.

Over the weeks, white flowers were added to the vases, greenery came and went, the white flowers curled up their petals and drooped – but Brenda’s chrysanthemums held up their golden heads all through July and August and into September.

Wendy Falloon was finally compelled to remove them on Saturday September 18, nine, yes nine weeks after Brenda had set them in place.

No doubt the winter season helped them last, but even so, there must have been something special that Brenda did or said to them as she arranged them on that day in early July!

Flower ladies of St Matthew’s: Your tasks lovingly done are seen and appreciated. Whether the small arrangement in the Chapel or the two larger ones below the Cross, they are a delight to the eye and often a talking point as they are are admired.

Thank you!


Vicar Steve adds: My father, when referring to work ethics, always stressed the importance of doing even the little things right.

The ministry of the Church rides on the back of a lot of unsung and often unnoticed ministries. The Flower roster is on of those. Yet it sends a compelling message on behalf of everyone. We care about our place of worship as we care about the people God calls us to shepherd.