Our awesome privilege

Bible in Schools
Travelling out to Wainuioru school every Tuesday morning to teach bible in Schools, I find a huge challenge.

I am truly amazed how gracious God is as He gives me the right words to say at the right time.

It is a real thrill and a pleasure to tell these children about God, and

for some, it is the first time they have heard anything about Him. Their amazement at the things we tell them is very encouraging.

I trust that God will nurture these small seeds that are being planted.
Denise Arcus

Bible in Schools – is it worth it?
I think so. When you consider that in a class of 26-plus, you may get two or three children who know something of God and Jesus – one young boy asked if Mary (Merry) Christmas was Jesus’ Mother. Yes, we do need to get the message out there.¬†And when not many children come to church what better than to take the message to school.

The lessons are Biblical and encompass Jesus’ teachings and values.

We need to look on it as seed sowing and pray that the seed will take root, grow and flourish for Jesus.
June Whitehead

Bible in Schools – a joy

Teaching Bible in Schools is not only a joy but a real privilege.

I wasn’t at all sure at first if I could do it, but felt God was calling me, so in His strength I was willing to give it a go.

After 27 years I am not tired of it, it is so enjoyable to spend time with the children each week and to get to know them.

It truly is a real priviledge to have this opportunity to teach children about God and his son Jesus, and to teach them to pray.
Christine Ellis

Please support us in prayer:

  • Denise and June at Wainuioru, Tuesday 9 – 9:30
  • June and Christine at Lakeview 12:00 – 12:30
  • Also please pray for the Lunchtime club at Lakeview 12:30 – 1:30 Mondays – Helpers are always needed.