Special Notice from your Vicar

I am standing at the gate of a friend’s home who kindly took me in when I chose a different path in life. I have learnt something about myself and my God who made me, but little about the other world I must now journey in. I hope I am ready to start walking into this new world; into a culture, a language, a life style quite foreign to me. I have nothing but a past experience no longer helpful, to urge me forward; just friends. In fact, I feel almost totally useless and devoid of any means to make this next step in my life. I think I now know how the young eaglet must feel as it mother begins to cast it out of the nest into the world below. I want to fly, it’s time to fly, I just don’t know how.  I sure need some wings! (My name is Freedom.)

Tama is preparing to find a flat/home for himself close to his “Fathers House” but desperately needs transport to meet a number of options for work and a growing number of engagements to speak around NZ. But he has nothing to pay his way unless he goes back to his past. I believe as a Parish we are being called to make a special sacrifice for Tama, to help him fly so he can reach his full potential.

In consultation with his Parish “Circle of Friends” and vestry, I am asking the whole Parish to prayerfully give money into a Parish account, to purchase a “quality work vehicle” (Cost $5,000)  to gift to Tama for the next major step in His life. (You realise the importance of transport freedom as you get older and your license is revoked.) He came with nothing, but offered his past and present as a jewel for us to watch God begin to mould and shape for a new start in a world we often take for granted and as a given for everyone.

Let us be part of God’s unexpected grace and provision, and bless Tama. A possible vehicle has already been assessed by a Parishioner. $5000 seems a lot of money to gather, but we are a big family and our God is the owner of the cattle of a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10) and nothing is impossible for Him. We only need two weeks to gather the gift.  Please be free to discuss with me any questions or ways you might like to contribute.