Parish holiday information

The Parish Office will be closed until Wednesday, January 16.

Clergy: For any emergencies please contact:

  • St Matthew’s:  The Reverend Stephen Kimberley, Vicar, phone 370 8589.
  • St Alban’s: The Reverend Merv Jones, phone 377 4709
  • St Andrew’s in the Paddock: the Reverend Liz Greville, phone 370 8274
  • Church of St Francis of Assisi: the Reverend Liz Greville (as above)

Children’s Ministry Office: The Children’s Ministry Office will be closed until Monday January 14th. For any emergencies please contact Brad via mobile.

Country Services: There will be no country services at St Alban’s, St Andrew’s or St Francis’ in January. Services will resume in February 2013.


Monday Combined Churches Prayer Meeting  Resumes 28 January 2013
Women’s Group  Resumes in March
Tuesday Prayer for Israel + afternoon tea  Resumes 5 February, 147 Black Rock Road
Wednesday Gardening Group  Resumes 9 January
Prayer for healing service  Resumes 9 January
Thursday Midweek Service  Resumes 3 January
Study Group with David Cole  Resumes in Lent
Saturday Raptorous Youth  Resumes 2 February
Men’s Breakfast  Resumes 2 February
Matt’s Place  Resumes 2 February
Women’s Breakfast  Resumes March
4Fs–Free family fun and food  3rd Saturday of month
Sunday Prayer for 10 am service  9.30 am in the Prayer Room
KidZ UnlimiteD  Every Sunday during 10 am service
Under-40s Bible Study  Resumes 13 January
Good Neighbour Sunday  Resumes 31 March