On the move – celebrating Christmas in Masterton

A one or two day FREE barbeque Christmas Celebration in Central Masterton

Purpose of ON the Move:

  • An opportunity for the local Churches to bless their Community together.
  • Provide a window of opportunity to share the Christian life together.
  • To see our community as Gods community, that He has dominion over and in Masterton in which we can be confident to be our selves as Christians.


Main barbeque event focused on a mid-town assembly area (Paper Plus Alleyway or Russian Jack Park) plus two worship groups on corners of Queen/Church St. and Jackson/Queen St.


  • One or two weeks before Christmas Day – 17th and 18th December.
  • Gather from 10am. for 11.00 am start.     Finish 1.00pm –Friday and Saturday.


There are five basic but essential parts.

1. Singing/musician groups
Three Singing/Music groups (Christmas Carol theme). One at Paper Plus and the others stationed at prime corners in the CBD

2. Invitation givers
They hand out vouchers for a free Hamburger at the main assembly from 11-12am

3. BBQ teams
Give away 150 -200  hamburgers each day. (extras may include balloon for kids)

4. Presenters and story tellers.
Sharing the Christmas Message/one minute testimonies at the main event between blocks of singing.

5. Table Hosts
They sit among the people who come and may stay to hear/talk.

Time line

  • September:   All the Churches approached. – Council permit and Shop owner approval. – Food supplies/Sponsorship and Church donations organised.
  • October: Church responses ( numbers for any of the 5 ministries)
  • November:   All those participating meet together on two occasions for encouragement and the practical training/outworking of the five areas of ministry.
  • On the two actual days, everyone meets for prayer and worship and final instructions an hour before each day’s event.

Points of interest

  • The Body of Christ can celebrate in the public arena.
  • There is a job/ministry for any one; regardless of age or ability.
  • Opportunity for everyone to work alongside other Christians of another denomination.

Jesus only needs an introduction.

Like to help with On the Move? Complete the enrolment form and return to the Parish Office.