New bishop announced

Archbishop David Moxon, Primate and Senior Bishop of the New Zealand Dioceses, announced today

“I am delighted to announce that The Reverend Justin Duckworth has been chosen as the next Bishop of Wellington.

Justin was nominated by an Electoral College ably chaired by Bishop Richard Ellena, and Justin’s nomination has since been formally confirmed by the House of Bishops and members of the General Synod.

Justin, who is 44, has been at the cutting edge of mission and ministry in Wellington for 25 years.

He was a co-founder and leader of Urban Vision, which runs houses in Wellington’s grittiest neighborhoods, in which young Christians live alongside folk from the margins.

Justin and his wife Jenny also pioneered Ngatiawa, a contemporary monastery which provides a welcome to those who are struggling, those seeking prayerful retreat, and those seeking a missional lifestyle.

The Electoral College clearly identified Christian lifestyle, Christian discipleship and Christian mission in Justin – and I am confident his election will challenge, invigorate and grace the church with a deep sense of the breadth and height and depth of the love of God.

A date for the Ordination of Justin to the Episcopate will be announced as soon as it is known.

Video displayed

The video above  – an interview with Justin – was shown in all Diocesan churches this morning.

Prayer for Bishop-elect Justin Duckworth

Good and gracious God,
light of the faithful and shepherd of souls:
we give you thanks that you have called Justin Duckworth
to be the bishop of our Diocese,
to feed your sheep with your word
and to guide them by his example;
give us grace to pray for Justin, Jenny and their family,
support, guide and strengthen them with your Holy Spirit,
and bring us all to walk in the steps of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.