Little red angels

Robin Kingston, Marge Tefft, Tim Mora

Left to right: Robin Kingston (Archdeacon and Vicar-General), Marge Tefft (Greymouth Vicar), Tim Mora (Cobden-Rununga Vicar)

In the parish of Cobden-Runanga, they’ve got a tradition of pinning little red cardboard angels to their church Christmas trees.

Usually, they do that on the last Sunday before Christmas.

This year, says the vicar, Tim Mora, they’ll be doing that earlier this Advent season.

That’s because the little cardboard red angels always go up to remember loved ones who can’t join their families to celebrate this Christmas Day.

In the past, of course, those little red angels have gone up to remember family members who can’t make it home this Christmas…

But in the parish of Cobden-Runanga this Christmas ‘absent loved ones’ takes on a different meaning.

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