Faith based unit: negotiations continuing

Thank God for His Angels!

Prison Fellowship New Zealand would like to thanks the many people who have prayed, written letters and lobbied for the continuance of the faith based unit at Rimutaka Prison.

At present PFNZ believes that the following represents the position we are in:

“PFNZ and the Department of Corrections are continuing towards the mutual development of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme within the faith based throughcare scheme at Rimutaka Prison, subject to normal contractual negotiations, that will meet both organisations’ goals of reducing reoffending and helping people live offence free lives”.

There is still a lot of water to go under the bridge and many months of hard work to come that will be taxing for the staff as they also go about the business of maintaining the work of the unit, before final negotaitions come about.

A lot more prayer and gifts to support this development are needed to meet this aspirational goal. You can read more about the unit in the Winter Newsletter of PFNZ.