Bishop launches appeal for Christchurch Diocese

The Bishop of Wellington has launched an appeal to assist the Diocese of Christchurch in its ministry, care and support to its people and parishes and communities affected by the significant earthquake which hit Christchurch and the surrounding communities early on Saturday morning.

Donations can be made to

“Bishops Emergency Appeal”,
Anglican Centre,
P O Box 12046,
Wellington 6144,

or via our own parish, who will forward the money on to us.  Cheques should be written out to “Diocese of Wellington – Bishop’s Emergency Appeal”.  All donations will qualify as ‘Charitable Donations’ and receipts and acknowledgement to those donations will be made.

The Bishop and the Administrator will liaise closely with the Bishop and Diocese of Christchurch to ensure that such donations reach the coal face of need and will assist people in what will be the long process of rebuilding their lives, homes and communities.

Above all, uphold the people of Christchurch and surrounding districts, and all the emergency personnel assisting them, in your prayers.