Autumn at St Francis, Bideford

Parishioners sit round table
Bideford parishioners sit round Judith’s table for the AGM
Spider's web with dew on it
Spider’s web, with dew, at Bideford Church
Spider's web, wet with dew
Spider’s web (2) from Bideford Church
Layer of mist covering rows of grapevines, Bideford
Mist over vineyard, Bideford.
Grapevines visible from Bideford Church
Grapevines near Bideford Church

Liz Greville took these lovely autumn scenes at St Francis, Bideford, where she took the monthly service.

Liz writes:

The AGM!  We endured fresh coffee, fabulous homemade raspberry jam and cream on warm scones – gosh life is difficult!