News this week – 30 October 2010

Restorative Justice – Karen Kemp
This Tuesday evening, 2 November, from  5 pm – 8.30pm (light meal included) St Matthew’s Community Hall. Cost: $20. This ixcellent seminar, hosted by the Archdeaconry, is open to all.

Mens’ Breakfast
6 November, 7:30am in the Hall.

David Lacey’s Ordination
Wellington Cathedral, 2- November, 2.00pm.  A bus has been booked (41 seater), leaving at 11am and returning by 7.00pm. Twenty three have booked and we need another 10 to keep the cost at $20 a seat.

Donations for a Parish Gift for David need to be in by 12 November, please.

On The Move – Friday 17th and Sat 18th December
Please add your name to the lists at the back of the Church or in the office in the area(s) you would like to be involved.

There will be a meeting for inspiration and training Tuesday evening 7pm, 30 November. More information here, or see Steve.

St Matthew’s Community Gardens
If you know someone who would like to have a plot please see Steve or Mike.

Bible Society Christmas Cards
Now on sale in the Chapel at 8 am, the Church at 10am and the Office Monday to Friday. They are still $8.00 for a packet of cards. Check out the new designs! Please support this worthy cause.

Movie Night
Would you like to view a movie in an old time country cinema? Comedy/Drama “Did you hear about the Morgans?”  Fundraiser for overseas missions, Saturday 27th November 4pm and 7pm, maximum of 12 people per session. Names to Christine Ellis 377 5089 or Patti 370 8589 by Friday 26th November.

Prayer and fast outcomes: the God Box


There was no one theme but the following is an edited summary:

  • Bathe everything in Prayer first – teach on corporate prayer
  • Continue to be “Real.”
  • Put past negative comments of previous parishioners behind us.
  • Seek Holiness, for those who are not Holy will not see the new things God is doing.
  • Encourage forward with the passion we once had.
  • Discover the joy of evangelism.

Vicar’s comments

These are all encouraging and positive discernments for us all.

I personally sense these words confirm a general call for individually developing deeper personal relationships with Jesus.  God blesses our efforts only when they’re done “For His name’s sake.”

Also, I was encouraged by a number who are finding the discipline of praying and fasting are not only helpful but personally exciting and desire to do it more regularly.      God is good all the time…



News this week – 22 October 2010

St Matthew’s Community Gardens
Only one plot is now vacant following the newspaper article.  Even a community group (seven participants) has joined up.

Bible Society Christmas Cards
are now on sale in the Chapel at 8am, the Church at 10am and the Office Monday to Friday. They are still $8.00 for a packet of 12 cards (no GST increase). Check out the new designs! Please support this worthy cause.

Sunday Morning Prayer for the church
All who want God to bless St Matthew’s are welcome to seek Him and His will for us, 9 am to 10 am in the prayer room. Come for all the time or part of the time. If the room gets too small, let’s rejoice and find a bigger one. Nothing is achieved for God’s kingdom without prayer.

David Lacey’s Ordination, 2pm, November 20th
Please indicate on the sheet in the back of St Matthew’s, or ring Patti, if you are a starter for a bus so it can be booked. Contributions for a Parish gift for David can be made to the Office.

Bible Study Group
started 28th September — “The Basics of our Faith”. Tuesdays, 1:30pm, 8 Miller Place, with Anne Cole and Marie O’Hara. All welcome. See Anne or phone 377 1157 for details.

On the move – celebrating Christmas in Masterton

A one or two day FREE barbeque Christmas Celebration in Central Masterton

Purpose of ON the Move:

  • An opportunity for the local Churches to bless their Community together.
  • Provide a window of opportunity to share the Christian life together.
  • To see our community as Gods community, that He has dominion over and in Masterton in which we can be confident to be our selves as Christians.


Main barbeque event focused on a mid-town assembly area (Paper Plus Alleyway or Russian Jack Park) plus two worship groups on corners of Queen/Church St. and Jackson/Queen St.


  • One or two weeks before Christmas Day – 17th and 18th December.
  • Gather from 10am. for 11.00 am start.     Finish 1.00pm –Friday and Saturday.


There are five basic but essential parts.

1. Singing/musician groups
Three Singing/Music groups (Christmas Carol theme). One at Paper Plus and the others stationed at prime corners in the CBD

2. Invitation givers
They hand out vouchers for a free Hamburger at the main assembly from 11-12am

3. BBQ teams
Give away 150 -200  hamburgers each day. (extras may include balloon for kids)

4. Presenters and story tellers.
Sharing the Christmas Message/one minute testimonies at the main event between blocks of singing.

5. Table Hosts
They sit among the people who come and may stay to hear/talk.

Time line

  • September:   All the Churches approached. – Council permit and Shop owner approval. – Food supplies/Sponsorship and Church donations organised.
  • October: Church responses ( numbers for any of the 5 ministries)
  • November:   All those participating meet together on two occasions for encouragement and the practical training/outworking of the five areas of ministry.
  • On the two actual days, everyone meets for prayer and worship and final instructions an hour before each day’s event.

Points of interest

  • The Body of Christ can celebrate in the public arena.
  • There is a job/ministry for any one; regardless of age or ability.
  • Opportunity for everyone to work alongside other Christians of another denomination.

Jesus only needs an introduction.

Like to help with On the Move? Complete the enrolment form and return to the Parish Office.

Christmas Hampers 2010

Christmas fare from those who care

It’s that time again! The “Happy Hamper Team” has been busy writing letters to businesses asking for support.  We reached our target of 45 hampers last year, each one valued at between $100 and $120. With the current economic climate, the poor in our community are suffering more and we would like to be able to bless our community even more.

This year we have teamed up with the Masterton Food Bank, to enable better targeting and distribution.

The Happy Hamper Team will be receiving nominations for recipients through local schools, midwives and other community organizations of families in need over the Christmas season.  We also ask that you, Masterton Parish, prayerfully consider anyone you know in need that you may like to nominate.

We have sought contributions from local companies, by way of food and money.

Breadcraft have again generously agreed to donate loaves of bread.  Pak n Save are again providing us with a generous discount on goods we purchase there. Cadbury have donated a box full of Christmas treats and Masterton South Rotary have made a cash donation. We have also received baby products from Nutricia. Rathkeale have pledged to fund four hampers and we have approached other schools for assistance.

Two local churches, the Tribe and the Lighthouse are collecting from their congregations also. 10 CC have pledged 50 packets of biscuits.

Christmas is fast approaching and we need your help, you can help by either giving a cash donation, or food donation. Sponsoring a whole hamper is $120, or half $60.

Some suggestions of food items that you might like to contribute are:

  • Honey
  • Tinned food
  • Jelly
  • Coffee
  • Biscuits
  • Teabags
  • (non-perishable items)

If you would like to nominate someone to receive a hamper, please let the Parish Office know.

Vestry News

Target Community Programme

The Vestry has endorsed and recommends parish involvement in the Target Community Programme, an initiative of the Prison Fellowship.

“A Target Community is one that is a prepared community with the heart to minister to both those in prison and those being released from prison. This involves incorporating their families into the community with a view to both providing support and protection during their growth and with the goal of restoring them into full wider community participation.”

The Target Communities Project enables church and wider communities to be trained to accept, coach, encourage and hold accountable released prisoners. This includes supporting their families in a safe and sustainable way and bringing them all into fruitful community interaction.

Each released man or woman will gain a “circle of support” from within a trained community who will work with them to make the adjustments necessary to gain a meaningful life.

Read more about the Target Community Programme here.

The final decision to proceed with the Target Community Programme will be made by parishioners at the next AGM.

Te Ara Pono

Te Ara Pono is the prison version of Cursillo. It is holding a four-day programme next weekend at Rimutaka Prison, 25-28 November 2010.

Because of the nightly lockup of inmates at 4 pm, the Cursillo three-day programme has been modified to be held over four days.

Steve Kimberley is the Spiritual Director for this programme.  Please uphold everyone involved in this important event in your prayers.

Read more about Te Ara Pono here.

Back to church programme 2011

We need to improve the way we welcome outsiders. This was one of the “needs work” areas identified in the NCD Survey undertaken in the parish.

Archdeacon Danny Te Hikoi is hosting a Wairarapa-wide seminar for everyone at St Matthew’s on Wednesday, 8 December, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Topics include:

  • Reasons why people don’t return a second time (typically, about 85% of those invited to church don’t return!)
  • Seven Phrases that turn people off church
  • Turning Failure into a Friend
  • 10 Keys to encouraging and incorporating new people
  • Back to What? From Simon to Simon Peter
  • A 12 Step approach to capture the hearts and imaginations of new people for God

Come along and find out how to make us more welcoming. Everyone welcome !

E100 Bible Reading Challenge

One of the key reasons why Christians don’t read the Bible is that they find it difficult to understand.

The E100 Bible Reading Challenge features 100 carefully selected readings (50 Old Testament, 50 New Testament) designed to give people a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation. The E stands for essential and each of the essential 100 readings ranges from a few verses to a few chapters.

There are all sorts of aids to get you started, including a quick start planner and progress tracker, a companion book which provides thoughtful commentary, and lots of other material for both churches and individuals.

Check E100 out on their website and on Facebook.

The parish will be starting on E100 in the new year.


Vestry Planning Morning (16 October)

Please pray for vestry as we review and discuss ministry for 2011

The three topics for discussion are:

  1. Target Community Programme run by Prison Fellowship (for parishes to help them support released prisoners, and their families, to re-integrate into the community.). Vestry will review the programme and see if it is in agreement to present it to the the whole Parish for consideration.
  2. E100 Bible reading challenge: a read through of The Bible with 100 scriptures to discuss, which could be used for Lenten study groups.
  3. Back to Church Sunday, a year-long programme looking at growth principles for building up congregations and equipping parishioners to openly invite friends.


News – 1 October 2010

David Lacey’s Ordination – 2 pm, 20 November.
Please indicate on the sheet in the back of St Matthews or ring or email Patti if you are a starter for a bus so it can be booked. Contributions for a Parish gift to David can be made to the Office.

Stewardship Envelopes, October 2010 – March 2011
Now at the back of the Church and Chapel and at the country churches. Please take yours.

Kitchen Fundraiser, Friday, 12 November,  7-9 pm
A night for the ladies (and the men!)  Read more here

Parish Prayer Warriors
If you are interested in praying through Parish issues over the next few months, meet in the Prayer Room, before the 10am service, at 9:30am.